And so it begins…

I’ve talked about doing this for quite a long time, but never actually took the plunge. At this point you’d think I’d given up, but no, I’m actually gonna try and do this thing.  Maybe no one will read it. Maybe only my family will,  To be honest, I just want a place where I can put our favorite recipes, where I can count on them still being here the next time we need them.  Someplace where I can document our experiments as a rank amateur in the culinary arts.

Let’s be honest here. Neither Lisa nor I have any formal training.

We like food and, oddly enough, we actually like preparing it.  Whether it’s on the grill, in the smoker, spinning on a rotisserie, over a camp fire, or in a conventional modern home kitchen, the act of making something my family enjoys eating is its own reward.

So bear with us, Lisa and I, while we play with our food.  Who knows, you just might find something in these pages that works for you and yours as well.

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