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Baked Salmon with Garlic and Dijon

I readily admit to a general preference for meat that is red, but Lisa says I have to eat fish too. My preference, in the fish world, is Salmon. It’s tender, flaky and, when prepared well, really quite tasty.
Here’s a quick, and simple recipe for Salmon. It’s delicious and, according to Lisa, good for you too!

Dark Beer and Pepper Shortribs

Dark Beer and Pepper Short Ribs

Savory, juicy, full of flavor, thick and awesome.  These words can’t even describe how great this dish is.  Make it!

Fettuccine Carbonara

Pasta and BACON!!! Now we’re talkin’! Ever since we enjoyed this in that small little cafe in Venice, I’ve just had to make it myself. This is one tasty dish, and fairly easy to make.  So get in there and get your hands dirty.

Shrimp and Sausage Cioppino

This is a really nice soup with, you guessed it, shrimp and sausage.  If it’s a little too spicy for you, you can use regular Italian sausage and lay off the red pepper flakes.  

It’s got great flavor and has become one of my favorites.

Totally Decadent Mac and Cheese with Smoked Ham and Bacon

Anyone that knows me knows that I love smoked meats.  This heavenly casserole combines 2 kinds of smoked meats (ham and bacon) with cheesy goodness and pasta.  What more could you ask for

Cornish Game Hens

I know, I know…  it’s not beef.  But, it does have bacon!

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